To Win $10,000 cash


  1. Requirement: Buy more than $200 worth MiniFeg
  2. Rank: The top buyers’ address listed in the official telegram group
  3. How to show buying:
  4. Reward: No.1 for $5,000, No.2 win $3,000, No.3 win $2,000
  5. Buy Link:


  1. Before 13.August rewards sent to winners’ wallet
  2. The buying before the listing time NOT be calculated.
  3. Any questions Join our Official Telegram group:


1. Introduction

2. The Value of Mini Feg

3. Future

4. Security

5. Tokenomics & Features

6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Blockchain has changed human daily life. Humans can use the governance token to pay bills. This is an important and successful change in the development of humans. Longtime ago, humans are the…


Mini Feg is building its own society! Join us to impact this world. $MiniFeg is ready #MiniFeg.

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